Call for Proposal for AGB Garden of Chimes

Call for Proposal for AGB Garden of Chimes

The Art Gallery of Burlington would like to invite you to participate in our Garden of Chimes, an outdoor installation celebrating Canada’s Sesquicentennial.  The exhibition will be installed in the AGB outdoor courtyard from July 1st to October 31st.  Successful entries will be available for pickup first week of November.

This invitation is open to all AGB Guilds, the Potters Guild of Hamilton and Region and the Brantford Potters Guild.


  • Maximum size is 12” diameter and 36” length.
  • The chimes should emit a pleasing sound and be weather proof/waterproof.
  • As the chimes will be hung from wires, consideration should be given for total hanging weight.

Your proposal will include a sketched image with description of materials and include an estimate of weight.

Please submit your proposal by APRIL 17, 2017 via email to .

Only successful proposals will be contacted.

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