Latow’s Award Winning Photography

The members of Latow Photographer’s Guild are pleased to share their recent award winning photography. The awards were given for pieces entered in the Kaleidoscope of the Arts event recently held at the Art Gallery of Burlington, hosted by Arts Burlington.

Glen Jones - Juror's Award
Glen Jones – Juror’s Award
Mark Emmerson - HM
Mark Emmerson – HM
Ort Baldauf - HM
Ort Baldauf – HM

New Guilds for Arts Burlington!

There’s a New Guild In Town!


The guilds of Arts Burlington are pleased and excited to announce that we have added a seventh guild to our membership. This new guild is called Burlington Fibre Arts Guild. You can find more information on the guild here.

In truth, this is not a new guild. They had been a guild of Arts Burlington in the past but were smaller at that time and were unable to provide support to the activities of Arts Burlington at that time.

However today, to our benefit, the Fibre Arts Guild has grown and is able to rejoin us in this exciting new stage of activity of the Arts at the AGB.

Already we are seeing a renewal of activities, a spirit of adventure and new things emerge from the Guilds. A whole new Juried Show format for 2015 was a resounding success. Arts Burlington looks forward to more great things in the coming years and are happy to have the Fibre Arts Guild join us in the adventure!

Check out their website at



(Groups of Artists can apply to Arts Burlington for Guild Membership. For additional information, please refer to the Arts Burlington Constitution by clicking here.)


Latow Photographer’s Guild 2015 Annual Awards

Latow’s Annual Awards 2015 is a Party!

By Beth Bennett

Photograph by CM

Latow is a very active camera club with four different photography nights a month to interest you, outings, juried exhibitions and the list goes on!  But, what I like even more about Latow  is the friendly, social aspect of the guild.

One such social event is our Annual Awards that was held recently at The Art Gallery of Burlington.  This event is a culmination of the four evaluations we have each year.  It is based on an elimination process.  Three judges cut images until there is a first, second and third place in digital and in print.  Honourable Mentions (HM’s) are also awarded.  A list of the winners is found on the Latow website: look under Annual Award Results 2014/2015

To also view images go to the Latow website.  It has event and member galleries and many other galleries.

That said, instead of just looking at photographs for the Annual Awards it was decided that we should have a party and as you can see we did!  Photographers and family mingled, enjoyed some wine and cheese and also viewed stunning images.

The Latow website: http: has information about the guild, how to join and an abundance of images to view.


Beth Bennett is a member of LATOW. She is a fine art photographer, painter and mixed-media artist. Her website is:


The Art Gallery of Burlington AGM – 2014 Wrap Up

2014 Right on Track for the Guilds at the AGB AGM


By Kathy Marlene Bailey


At this years AGB Annual General meeting, what was evident, remarkable – and heartwarming – was the huge amount of support shown from members in attendance for the work of the Board and staff. Clearly it has been a year of hard, tenacious work from many, with positive results of that work on so many, many fronts.

Throughout the year, there has been an exciting synergy between the Gallery and Guilds on countless occasions through mutually beneficial collaborations. This is a partnership that is working and is poising itself to work even better.

During the meeting, heart-felt thanks were extended to our outgoing CEO and President, Ian Ross, and an equally warm welcome was extended to our new CEO and President, Robert Steven. Robert hails from Grand Prairie, Alberta and brings with him a mountain of experience from running art institutions there. In his short stay here so far, he has proven himself to be a great asset to Arts Burlington. He is warm, approachable, and funny and as Ken Maitland, president of the Sculpture and Woodcarvers Guild, says, “very pro-Guilds”. This is great news for the Guilds.

The Annual General Meeting included discussion about the first ever All Guilds Show.  With Robert’s support, and the direction of our Chief Curator, Denis Longchamps, this brilliantly executed event was produced.  What a showcase for our Guilds this was! It was entirely inclusive. The thought provoking themes and wonderful curating raised the bar for our aspiring artists, and showed us the AGB’s utter confidence in us. I believe this kind of leadership from the AGB will help our guilds and members become the best that we can be. It will help us with cohesive, inspired goals, and will continue to facilitate very inspired artistic output. This is the kind of support that artists need.

The many collaborations between the AGB and the Guilds permeated the dough of all things discussed at the AGM. Of particular note, the 8000 man-hours contributed by the Guilds were acknowledged. When we artists are passionate about something, we say it with our time!  Huge thanks and acknowledgement were given specifically to Louise Cooke and Christine Karczmarczyk. Louise has won Ontario’s June Callwood Outstanding Achievement Award for Volunteerism and Christine (AGB’s nominee) won Burlington’s Best Community Service Award.

Also noteworthy was discussion of the New Horizons initiative, spearheaded by the AGB’s Curator of Education, Leslie Page. This very exciting, brand-new federally funded program is designed to inspire Burlington’s newly retired community to become active in the ABG and the Guilds. The program has had, and will have, very active participation by the Guilds and their members to integrate new retirees into meaningful activity within these wonderful art communities. What a great idea!

Other Guild events discussed were our very successful 2014 Kaleidoscope of the Arts and the 2014 Soup Bowl Event, where our artists shone and our volunteers came out in army droves.

Of interest to our Guilds, Jonathan Smith, an employee of the AGB, was recognized, as he entertained the crowd with his wit, for TWENTY-FIVE years of service to the Arts in Burlington. Also, there was a standing ovation for Anne Swarbrick for her miraculous, back-flipping performance this year, rattling though strings of roles, including interim CEO, to ensure a smooth transition for our gallery.

On Ken Maitland’s wish-list for fine-tuning preparations for next year’s Annual Meeting, Ken would like to see specifics of exactly how much revenue the Guilds generate for the AGB. This figure was merged with other figures and he feels it should be separated.

He also hopes that the AGB can continue its strong focus towards updating the 2002 Agreement between the AGB and Arts Burlington. This work will create more equality of the Guilds in things like representation in display at the AGB.

It was wonderful that the AGM invited at least three members of City Council, Councilor Med Ward, Councilor Taylor, and Councilor Dennison to its meeting, and even greater that they took the time to come. In order to have the symbiotic relationship of the arts and the broader community work, we need involved political representatives to spearhead community support and champion the benefits to society that a strong arts community brings.

I think as a group of artists, the AGB is doing us up proud in its inspiring leadership, support and nurturing and that it is doing an excellent job growing our very important role in Burlington life. As Robert Steven stated to me, summing up the meeting: “The meeting showed an organization united in its pursuit of transformation, even through difficult times, and no sign of dissent or dissatisfaction was apparent.”

What a remarkable starting point. How excited we can now be about the upcoming year and years to come. We can think back at the past year as a very solid foundation on which to plant our common dreams. May our artistic aspirations know no bounds.


Kathy Marlene Bailey is a member of the BFAA. She is a fine artist, art instructor and writer. Her website is:









Summer Reflections – A Review

Kathy Marlene Bailey creates traditional Glaze Oil paintings for the nature lover

By Beth Bennett

  32-© embedded-Under A Willow Tree 72dpijpg

I was eager to see “Summer Reflections,” a solo show by BFAA member, Kathy Marlene Bailey.  She is a talented artist who specializes in glaze oil painting and her love of nature, especially water, is evident.  Captured in the water is life and movement.  Throughout her paintings there is a richness of colour and a soft glow of light.

One painting that caught my attention was “Under The Willow Tree.”  I wanted to be there with my feet in the water, the sun in my eyes and the birds singing around me.

This is a show not to be missed.  Exhibiting now until July 4th in Hamilton at Art@231 Gallery, at 231 James Street North.


Kathy Marlene Bailey’s website is:

Art at 231 Gallery’s website is:



Beth Bennett is member of Latow Photography Guild. She is a Fine Art photographer, painter and mixed media artist.  Her website is